Sunday, May 8, 2011

Road to a fame?

There are only 12 days to go... A day that I have been waiting for. Since I got the call and the email, I could hardly not to think about it. The audition for MasterChef Malaysia, will be held in KL starting 20th May 2011.. wah.. I feel the goosebump.. the butterflies in my stomach.. Will I be successful?
I have been thinking lately, the purposes of getting my feet in the audition. I didn't know that the show will be aired in Malaysia. I am always love watching cooking show, especially Masterchef Franchises.. US, Junior Australia, Australia.... when my sisters told me that it will be held for Malaysia, I never thought that I will be applying for the audition. They (my sisters, Huda n Daya) persuaded me to fill in the form. Daya even make sure that i have send it (via email). They have their faith on me. And I say to myself," why don't I give it a try?"
If I were audition for singing contest, they probably will tied me to the bed.. hahaha... But for this kind of contest, they gave me a full support. I'm actually touched by their sincerity.. even now, every time I cooked a dishes, they will be my QA and QC.
To decide wether I should give it a try, I've draw a mind map. I listed out the advantages and disadvantages of entering this contest.
The Advantages
1. It could be my path to be a successful person
2. Maybe it will be my fortune.
3. I could expand my talent in cooking (the talent right now is just as big as my fist)
4. I probably will get my soulmate.. (bakal mak mentua tgk berkenan..hahaha)
5. People will know me and acknowledge my talent.
6. If I win.. I might open a cafe or bakery ( I like that)
The Disadvantages
1. If I lose, I will be lose my job also.
2. People might laugh at me for being the loser.
3. I'm afraid that I cant stand the critics... and heartbroken....
And I send the form.. now, I have to wait for the day to come..... WAAAAHAHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... SO NERVOUS..!!!!!