Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From The Star 26th January 2011

Women-only coaches attracting men

Photos by LOW LAY PHON

KTM Berhad introduced women-only coaches on April last year for the safety and comfort of the fairer sex. However, a check by StarMetro on a weekday morning revealed that some men are still unaware of it or choose to ignore the ruling.

ARE they in the dark or are they doing it deliberately? Men are still seen making their way into the women-only coaches on the KTM trains.

It is puzzling that despite the many pink signages stating “Ladies only at all times” placed at prominent places on the KTM station’s platforms and inside the coaches, some men just do not see them.

Photographer Lay Phon and I stationed ourselves at the KL Sentral platform and spotted three men boarding the women-only coach.

Prominent: A sign stating that the coach is only for women.
More men would have gone into the middle coach if not for a police officer stationed there telling them to move to the other coaches.

One of them, who scurried off upon knowing that we were concerned that he used the women-only coach, said he did not know about the women-only coaches.

“Sorry, I didn’t know,” he replied in Bahasa Malaysia.

The others were senior citizens. One of them explained apologetically that he was from Penang and thus unaware of the ruling.

“I will not do it next time, I am very sorry,” he said.

Another senior citizen boarded the women-only coach, oblivious that there were only women around him until he was asked by the police officer to leave.

Oblivious to his surrounding: A man boarding the women’s coach.
He then hurried away to the common coaches.

Auxiliary policeman Mohd Hafiz said part of his role was to ensure that no men entered the middle coach, and to get them out if the they had boarded one from another station.

He said it was common to see men using the coach.

“Half of them might not have noticed the pink signs but the rest did so knowingly,” he said.

“Their expressions will show if they are truly unaware of the ruling. Some are just indifferent while the rest did it deliberately so that they could get closer to the women.

“I have encountered those who refused to leave even when told to and in cases like that, we drag them out,” he added.

However, Hafiz can only do so much. He was the only police officer monitoring the situation at the station with five platforms.

Men are still getting into the middle coach from the other platforms.

Lay Phon and I took the train to KL Sentral from the Kepong Sentral station. It was a great thing that the coach was meant for only women and fortunately no man had squeezed his way into it.

The coach was so packed that we could not even move. I can imagine the discomfort a woman would have had to endure if the ruling was not imposed.

A regular commuter, Chen Fong Chia, 34, said the move served well in preventing sexual harassment and she had actually told some men to leave the coach.

“But they just don’t get the message. I don’t know why,” she said.

Leong Pick Lan, 63, said the women-only coach gave her peace of mind that her daughters could travel safely while Jessy Ooi, 17, just said it was better not to share such packed space with the opposite sex.

On our way back to Kepong Sentral, the middle coach was quite empty and another man who was busy SMS-ing came on board.

Again, he did not see the huge pink signs even though they were right in front of him, but was shy to take the seats filled by women. Before we could talk to him, a KTM officer asked him to leave and he did so shyly.

“We did not notice the signs as they were not prominent back then. We just board any coach nearest to us,” said S. Selva who once accidentally entered the coach.

However, he said while the move was good, it could be a hassle during off-peak hours when the other coaches were jam-packed while the women-only coach was almost empty.

KTM Bhd corporate communications senior manager Mohd Fazil Ismail said the company had deployed station masters and sought the help of auxiliary police for the enforcement of the women-only ruling, adding that the number of personnel had been increased since last month.

“A total of 312 auxiliary policemen move along the operation tracks from Singapore to Padang Besar and Tumpat.

“The officers man the busy stations and board the trains to check. In fact, we are waiting for the authorities’ approval to impose a fine on those violating the ruling,” he said.

He added that surveys had shown that women constituted 60% of KTM commuters, thus dedicating one of the train’s three coaches for women should not cause too much inconvenience to commuters.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A whole new day

Tomorrow, is a whole new day for me.. I'll continue my contract as GSTT for another year.. But this year I will be teaching at a new school .. SMK Taman Kosas.. For 2 years I have been teaching at SMK Pandan Jaya.. And it feel a conflict of emotion..

I'm happy when I got the call, but when I now which school, it make me sad, coz I'll be leaving my friends, my beloved students and the environment that I loved so much. Haih.. (sigh), Now, I have to start again from the beginning. And I also afraid that I can adapt the new environment...

What session I'll be teaching? Morning or in the afternoon? What subject? What level of the student? Form 1, 2,3, 4, and 5..?

Still my heart throbbing loudly..

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Say no to bullies....

I dedicated this post to all my ex-students in SMK Pandan Jaya, who were going to a new school, either for SMT or SBP or MRSM...

When I went to a boarding school, everyone (my friends, teachers and families) said that I'm the braver one.. so they would not worried about me.. I still remember, on the last day at my former school (SMK Taman Seraya), my best friends sang a farewell song in the middle of the road (not that middle).. I mean at the T-junction from our school to my house and their houses. We were crying .. a lot of crying.. huhuhu.. then they gave me a farewell card that I brought to my new school.

Then, when I went to the school (SMSPP), on the first day, I was shocked to see there's no boy there... only girls.. then I realized that, this school is a girls school.. Okay, I really have to adapt this new environment (I said to myself).. And a couple of month there, it's quite good. The teachers and seniors were strongly against bullying. So almost none of the freshies have been bullied.

But, what I want to tell you is, I have been bullied, not a physical.. but a mental bully. Not by the seniors.. but by my own classmates.. I don't now what i have done.. but I realized some of them were boycotting me as I became an islander in my own class. Even to borrow a dictionary became a problem. And they don't know that I heard all the things they said about me.. I know that I'm not the richest girl in the school.. not prettiest and not the most popular in the school.. (who need to be one?) And most of the girls that 'islanding' me is fro KL and several from Pahang.. I'm from KL too.. why need to push me away..

I still remembered about sports qualifying. i was very confident that I will be selected to represent the school in 'lempar cakera'.. and the seniors are looking for a fresh blood.. so they have gave the job to select to one of my classmates,Ms A and from the list I was second, below her.. but she chose the number third.. her friend. See...?

Even when I went to study in the Library (during prep time) they did not inform me that, our class have an extra BM class.. so I missed that class. What a most thing I hate is, they were humiliating me.. I was falling asleep during a prep time.. and I talked in my sleep (this happen because I was so depressed).. and what are my classmates do.. they were laughing at me.. And when i woke up.. someone told me about it.. I was so ashamed of myself (coz it's my fault).. But they don't have to spread the story.. They told their roommate.. and they laughed together.. i know coz my 'adik angkat' was telling me about it.

Lets say that, during that time, I was very unpopular among my peers. But I was well-known among a younger students. They like me, coz I was liked their sister and also my funny bone was function correctly. they like to listen to my stories and I was entertained them (in a right way, of course). And sometimes, when its come for leisure time (riadah), sometimes I just hang out with the girls (Form 1-3), coz they make me happy.. they were still in the mode of innocents..

And for two years, I was struggling to survive in that school.. If I'm so depressed, sometimes I went to the Library (I was a librarian) and the books were comforting me.. and sometimes I wrote, story, poem, novels and anything..even I wrote a letter to my best friends at SMK Tmn Seraya.. Their letters were soothing... And sometimes my 'adik angkat' were my entertainers.

And I survived.....

So, to my beloved students.. If you have any difficulties in your new school.. try find the best of it... And Insya Allah.. you will survive..

A Love Story That Will Touch Your Heart

There was once a guy who suffered from cancer ... a cancer that can't be treated. He was 18 years old and he could die anytime. All his life, he was stuck in his house being taken cared by his mother. He never went outside but he was sick of staying home and wanted to go out for once.

So he asked his mother and she gave him permission. He walked down his block and found a lot of stores. He passed a CD store and looked through the front door for a second as he walked. He stopped and went back to look into the store. He saw a young girl about his age and he knew it was love at first sight. He opened the door and walked in, not looking at anything else but her. He walked closer and closer until he was finally at the front desk where she sat.

She looked up and asked "Can I help you?" She smiled and he thought it was the most beautiful smile he has ever seen before and wanted to kiss her right there.
He said "Uh... Yeah... Umm... I would like to buy a CD." He picked one out and gave her money for it.

"Would you like me to wrap it for you?" she asked, smiling her cute smile again.
He nodded and she went to the back.

She came back with the wrapped CD and gave it to him. He took it and walked out of the store. He went home and from then on, he went to that store everyday and bought a CD, and she wrapped it for him. He took the CD home and put it in his closet. He was still too shy to ask her out and he really wanted to but he couldn't. His mother found out about this and told him to just ask her.
So the next day, he took all his courage and went to the store. He bought a CD like he did everyday and once again she went to the back of the store and came back with it wrapped. He took it and when she wasn't looking, he left his phone number on the desk and ran out...


The mother picked up the phone and said, "Hello?"

It was the girl !!! She asked for the boy and the mother started to cry and said, "You don't know? He passed away yesterday ..."

The line was quiet except for the cries of the boy's mother. Later in the day. The mother went into the boy's room because she wanted to remember him. She thought she would start by looking at his clothes. So she opened the closet. She was face to face with piles and piles and piles of unopened CDs. She was surprised to find all those CDs and she picked one up and sat down on the bed and she started to open one.
Inside, there was a CD and as she took it out of the wrapper, out fell a piece of paper. The mother picked it up and started to read it.

It said: "Hi... I think U R really cute. Do u wanna go out with me ? Love, Jacelyn"

The mother opened another CD...

Again there was a piece of paper. It said: "Hi... I think U R really cute. Do u wanna go out with me ? Love, Jacelyn"

Love is... when you've had a huge fight but then decide to put aside your egos, hold hands and say, " I Love You "

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do you need a 'cable'?

While I'm in the process of job hunting, I have come across an issue about 'gettihng THE job using CABLE'. This issue has arise long, long time ago, but never across my path because I believe the process of employment. 3 years have passed, now I am facing the same problem that have been haunted all the unemployed.

What is the 'CABLE'? The cable is a person that could connect you with a chance to be employed. Maybe they gave your name, resume, and ask for their colleagues to consider you for employment or at least put you for an interview. But, is it fair to others...? Of course NO..! It is not fair, because you will never get the opportunity if your opportunity have been taken by other persons using this method. How about let it be a fair game.. every one get the percentage of chances to be employed.

This always happens in government sector, agencies and statutory bodies. Why need yo use the cable? Why don't let other people get the same chances? The answer is, this is how life should be. Life has never been fair. You have to grab the chances, and demand for it. If you just sit while waiting your application to be replied, you may ended to be unemployed for a long, long time.

And I'm still jobless, and looking for a cable... ANYONE....?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Facebook is closing...????

Nowadays, the news about the most popular social website is going to be closed are spreading worldwide. And it cost a panic attack to most of its users. And there is no confirmation from Facebook itself. And the news come from a website

it was a hoax.. fake.. only a rumor.. If its true, Facebook itself will make an official announcement about it. But people already panicked. Some of them are already move to another social website. So, don't panicked.. it's not the end of the life..

As I read the hoax news, from that tabloid .. I couldn't agree more, that the reasons for the 'fake' closing is for us to be human back... To go outside, playing with friends.. and socialize with a real life... Like a movie 'Surrogates' .. maybe, someday, we will ended like that...

so if u dont want Facebook to be closed, start changing your life by not to be obsessed with Facebook. Try spending your quality time with your family and friends.
And we can keep this technology as long as it make us better human..

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Last night, I have a dream, very weird and quite funny... In that dream, my sister (Daya) and I, went for fishing..(what the heck I'm doing.. Fishing? so not me..!) I guess it was a lake that we went for fishing. Then, it was Daya who drove my Persona, and I said to her, park at the nearest point we want to fish. And she drove it to the end of the jetty, and she would not slowing...
"OMG...Daya, slow it down.>!!"
suddenly, KABOOSHHH.... we went into the lake...! We're so panicked, and the car were sinking slowly.. verrryy slowwwwwwwllllyyyy...
"Daya, call sesapa.. minta tolong!!!"
Then I try to turn the steering wheel, and what a surprise, my car is turning... and with the momentum of the crash and the waves, my Persona is moving although at the same time is sinking slowly... then I looked forward and I saw there was a entrance to the lake bank.. and my car landed there... Then, before I woke up, I realized..
"Daya, you're so buying me a new car...!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Today, is a new day.. I've start my new year plan.. Job hunting... and there are several vacancies that I' interested with..
Until today, I have applied 4 jobs.. and I am very excited to know the results... please..oohh please.. somebody answer me please...
It was a very painful waiting.. Coz if I want my new year resolution to come true, this is my first step.. Secure a job.. a very great job with great salary..

then after that I can my have own house / apartment....

then, I can find my soul mate.. either I find him first or he find me... ahaks..

And people start asking, why I am hunting for a job?

I'm happy for you, my dearest friend.. Yati

This new year, some people celebrated by going to a concert, or outing with friends, or their steady gf/bf.. but me, I went to my friends 'akad nikah'.. Yati with her love of her life, Khairol. What a happy moment... She ends her single life at the end of 2010.. and start a life as a wife at 2011.. what a very symbolic event... and she had ask me and Azie, to be her brides maids.... I should upload the picture but I cant find the camera's cable anywhere... so here some picture from my friend, Marini (aku cilok gambaq hang)

Never in my life I have been a somebody bridesmaid.. hahaha... quite funny, coz with my clothes that I was very unsatisfied.. (I wont sent to that tailor again).. and we (the brides maid) were given a small bouquet of flower. so lovely...

and for 3 days.. (actually 2 days 1 night) I have celebrated this new year with my beloved friends.. an a very lovely wedding ceremony.... Wish mine in the future will be like this.. Aha..!!

2010 gone, 2011 born...

Happy New Year...
It is not too late for me to wish all my friends, isn't it?
Well, as for the new year, I'll start a new blog coz, that's what we do right... move forward.. so I have left my old blog... coz my old blog is the past...

So what is my new year resolution?
1. Lose a lot of weight... (I think this is also my last year n the year before resolution)
2. Get a really great job. (permanent, good salary, good environment)
3. Buy a house (an apartment will do)
4. Get a boyfriend ( someone that will be my hubby)~ anyone
5. Start a saving for the future planning...

and this time, I'll do my best to achieve all five missions, so at the end of the year I can close my mission's book, and open a new one...